Video Games + Therapy

Denise A. Ayo, LMHCA (she/her)

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How does it work?

We may talk about games, play games, or create game-inspired coping strategies. I may "prescribe" (recommend) games or clips, and I always invite clients to bring what they are playing to session. Ultimately, how video games are used depends on you and your needs.

See below for more information on how we can incoporate games into your treatment plan.


Games as Metaphors

Games offer a safe way to express painful emotions, explore hard themes, and experiment with new ways of being. Sometimes the only way we can access parts of ourselves is through the adventures of another.


Games as Skills Practice

Games provide excellent opportunities to practice such skills as distress tolerance, cognitive flexibility, perspective taking, and mindfulness. They are designed to challenge us and reward our perservence in ways that promote social, emotional, and cognitive growth.


Games as Tools

Games offer a great way to conceptualize skill acquisition and therapeutic progress. Who wants to learn coping mechanisms when they can discover power-ups, mix potions, and gain XP?


Games as the Problem

Games, like anything in life, can become problematic when done in excess. If games are hurting your relationships or getting in the way of work, school, or other responsibilities, I want to help you to regain control and restore balance.


Games Deciphered

Do you know a gamer and need support yourself? I also offer consulations on topics like the social and emotional benefits of gaming, healthy versus problematic gaming, and parenting gamers.


What else do I need to know?


Individuals, ages 10+
I offer in-person and virtual sessions; however, intake/first sessions must be in person.

$200 Intake / $160 Session
I accept most commercial insurances, including Aetna and BCBS. Please consult Recore Counseling's website for a full list.


$120 per hour
Not Covered by Insurance
If scheduling a consultation, please specify what topic(s) you would like to cover.


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